My 48 lbs Story

My 48 lbs Story
A few years ago I entered one of the biggest depressions of my life. I had just turned 30 years and was in the worst mental and physical shape of my life. After having my 4th child, my body finally got to a point I did not like. I was not happy with what I saw in the mirror. Previously, I had always gotten back in good shape but this time it just felt impossible to make a comeback. No matter what I tried, diets, new workout routines, fat burners, the latest supplements, nothing worked. I knew exactly why I was depressed but I didn’t know how to get out of it. I felt stuck. I felt I had tried everything, until one day my husband “a geek nerd” who at the time never worked out consistently, told me something very profound.
He said, “You can’t make changes because you are finding things to blame, it’s time you start blaming yourself.”
At first I got really emotional and felt like he was betraying me. In my mind I was thinking “This is the guy that got me pregnant 4 times! and he has the courage to tell me to blame myself!”But then something amazing happened. As I ran through these emotions and ideas in my head, it clicked.
If I keep putting the blame on to other people or things, then I lose all the power to make a change.
The moment you blame yourself is the moment you regain the power to make a change.
So I started blaming myself and just like that I started seeing everything as an opportunity. I started falling in love with the process instead of the destination. I went on a rabbit hole, learning about fitness, health, nutrition and spirituality. I even got certified in group training and started giving classes to group of men and women in Jersey City, New Jersey. Slowly my classes started getting larger and larger. Helping others has become the biggest fulfillment in my life.
Throughout my 5 year journey I have now lost a total of 48 lbs, but more importantly I regained my confidence, aligned myself emotionally and spiritually. From my journey I’ve discovered many profound insights that I will be sharing through our content. These are some of the main ones:
  1. If you lose it quick, you will gain it even faster. It’s better to make small changes daily towards a goal that over time will yield huge results. This will result in you staying consistent and not bouncing back because of a harsh diet and fitness regime.
  2. Don’t be too obsessed with a number you want to get to. If you become obsessed with a weight you want to hit, what happens when you get close to that goal? What happens when you reach it? Most people gain back the weight because they feel they have reached a finish line. It’s the easiest way to go back to your old habits.
  3. Instead fall in love with the process of getting better everyday. Fall in love with training and adjusting your diet everyday until you find something that completely fits your lifestyle. We are all different, so what worked for me might not work for you. We have to be our own scientist.
  4. Find a Gym Buddy. Teach someone else what you are doing. The best way to learn it is by teaching it. Teaching a friend or two builds a new type of bond and having a “Gym Buddy” is a great way to keep each other accountable. In my case, Jeff my husband became my gym buddy and believe it or not it’s created an even stronger bond that we never had before.
About my husband Jeff: While I was going through this process he himself fell deeply passionate about a concept he calls “Total Human Optimization”. Together we have researched and experimented, with all kinds of training regimens, diets, supplements and lifestyle routines. He has his own transformation story in the works, more about that later .
After many months of working for other gyms and learning from some of the best trainers and experts in the world, I have finally decided to put my energy into launching my own company.
I invite you to join me on our next bootcamp or hire me to 1 on 1 coaching. Click here to Schedule your free discovery call right now.


Our website will be our hub where we will be sharing educational, motivational and inspiring content. Along with recipes, training regimes and other diet supplementation.
The Mission of Legends is to help you lose weight while gaining confidence to become the best version of yourself.
We help men and women gain back control of their health, and the health of their loved ones.
We provide the best information, products, bootcamps and 1 on 1 services possible in the three pillars of fitness regimes, nutrition, and accountability.
The only way we can be successful is to fully transform and optimize your mind, body and spirit.
Welcome to LEGENDS. Train Everyday.
Susy Castillo
CEO & Founder of LEGENDS